Jason Wojcik

Software Engineer

A motivated software engineer experienced in mobile and embedded systems. I am passionate about learning new technologies and writing software deployed on thousands of devices.

About Me

I am a software engineer with a passion for mobile and embedded software. I have a background in computer engineering and experience working on Android platform (AOSP).

I am currently working as a software engineer at Snapchat, developing the core operating system for Spectacles AR glasses.

  • Android Platform
  • C / C++
  • Rust
  • Java
  • Python
  • SELinux
  • Build Systems (Soong, Bazel, GNU Make)


Software Engineer - Snapchat
October 2023 - present
I am currently working as a software engineer at Snapchat, developing the core operating system for Spectacles AR glasses.
Software Engineer - Qualcomm Innovation Center
June 2020 - October 2023

I worked on the Android / Linux Core team.

  • Contributed to the analysis and optimization of the Android build system at Qualcomm, guiding 20+ teams to reduce build time and achieve hermetic builds.
  • Designed and developed methods to modularize hardware specific code into independently built dynamic partitions, combining them during early boot stages.
  • Contributed to QeSDK, designing and implementing a versioning enforcement mechanism for service plugin developers.
  • Designed and developed a framework to ensure that QeSDK service plugin developers correctly expose HALs and seamlessly interact with clients. Implemented a method of runtime attestation to enforce their adherence to interaction specifications.
  • Implemented an AIDL interface in Rust to enable virtualization use cases. This was the first Rust implemented AIDL interface at Qualcomm and required cowork with Google to enable vendor stable AIDL in Rust.
  • Led and contributed to scoping, analysis and creation of guidelines for adopting new technology into the Android ecosystem at Qualcomm, including Rust and RISCV.
  • Mentored interns and new hires on projects which included allowing Qualcomm to perform OEM independent updates and generating native code from DSL defined outlines. Led brown bag sessions on various tech topics.
Software Engineering Intern - Qualcomm Government
May 2019 - September 2019

Worked alongside engineers based in San Diego, CA and Boulder, CO on the Systems Integration and Test team. My work included full-stack development, testing, and debugging using Django Framework.

  • Placed top 5 out of 43 teams in Qualcomm’s Hack Mobile competition. My team’s project used Bose AR glasses to provide directional alerts about oncoming vehicles to pedestrians and cyclists. Our project aimed to utilize Qualcomm’s C-V2X technology in the future.
Software Engineering Intern - US Navy - NAVAIR
November 2016 - January 2019


2016 - 2020
Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
Virginia Tech

Focus in Networking and Cybersecurity.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Pi Kappa Phi
  • Special Olympics Volunteer
  • Journey of Hope Cyclist 2018: Raised $6,600 and cycled 3,720 miles from San Francisco, CA to Washington, DC, supporting and fostering friendships with those with special needs and intellectual disabilities.

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